Minneapolis, MN - October 12, 2011 - Philanthropists, Musicians, and Adventurers. Over the past seven years, Catchpenny has grown from a band to a group of guys that uses music - and anything else they have - to support those that need it. Now back in the U.S.A., with a bit more time on their hands, they are poised to release their third studio album, admittedly a little bit later than they would have liked.

“Hopefully everyone will understand our delay in getting this record together.” Christian Schauf said, “Some of these songs have literally been done for a few years, it was just finding the time to sit down and make a complete body of work. And time was the one thing we haven’t had for a while.”

A bit off the U.S. music radar for the past few years, Catchpenny hasn’t been idle. What began as one invitation to perform for the troops became years of work, performing over 150 shows for troops serving in Iraq, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern countries. Along the way they faced sniper fire, surface-to-air missiles, car bombs, and extreme conditions that more than once landed a band member in a medic’s tent. But the work didn’t go unnoticed. The Pentagon named Catchpenny “Armed Forces Entertainers of the Year”. Col Ed Shock, who presented the award, added: “Catchpenny toured their butts off playing for troops in the Middle East... It was the smiles on the faces of these troops that played a big role in the decision to make Catchpenny the recipients of the award.”

“We didn’t go to Iraq for attention, we went because we felt it was the right thing to do. And once you get over there and see the changes you can make, it changes your life too. It’s been the most rewarding experience of our lives.” says Schauf. “The funny thing is, the story followed us home, and it seems like the more we give, the more we get.”
Offers started coming in, include performing the National Anthem live on ESPN for the Phoenix NASCAR race. Playing in front of 95,000 people in St. Paul last summer, and even a few upcoming roles in films, not to mention several magazine and newspaper articles.
But the band’s focus didn’t end with the military. “Chance for a Lifetime” a song Catchpenny wrote for, has become the theme song for this great organization and been prodominitely featured in the launch of the 2012 Cadillac Escalade. In addition, they’ve climbed Mt. Rainier and the Grand Teton, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for Duchenne research. Just another way the band has been trying to give back.
But once the drawdown began taking place, it was time to get back to work and get a record done. “Three” is an admitted departure from the band’s second record “From Where You Are”, but one that feels natural to the guys in the band.
“We are constantly learning and evolving. While I’m proud of our past albums, I think this record is more of who we are than our previous records.” says singer Zachary Schauf
Michael Bland (Prince, Dixie Chicks, Soul Asylum, Jonny Lang) again helped produce this record, along with assistance from Phil Solem (The Rembrandts) and Tommy Barbarella (Prince), but the band (Christian and Zachary Schauf, and guitarist Mark Kelly) spent a majority of their time in the band’s studio, tracking on their own.
What happened was a record with classic influences. From the Tom Petty-esque “Runaway” to the Paul McCartney vibe of “Over Her Head”, this album is chalk full of hook-laden songs.
“It’s another chapter in our story, and we think it’s pretty good.” Says Christian Schauf “I’m excited to get it out there and see what people think. We’re not 18 anymore, and we’ve experienced a lot. Hopefully this record represents that.”



The music industry has changed.


Catchpenny live in MinneapolisWhile many bands still pray for the major label deal, and few eventually sign the dotted line, the reality is harsh. Many find themselves in debt, and bound to a contract that gives ownership to a company that often will never let their record see the light of day.

It's an industry that is changing. Those that still think within the confinements of the old guard will find little in the ways of hope. For others, there is a new way to be a musician. Digital downloads, corporate partnerships, and song placements are the new path to success. For the bands that can merge music and business, life is good.

Catchpenny is fast approaching it's 5th year. In that time, the band has never had a record label, and spent the majority of their time self-managing and booking. They designed their own posters, t-shirts and records. Built their own websites, recorded their records at home and grew their email lists and did things they way they should. And in that time, the band has toured the U.S. and world, playing half a dozen countries, and some of the United States most legendary venues with legendary bands. From Cabo Wabo to the House of Blues in Chicago, the Viper Room to The World's Largest Block Party, Catchpenny has found themselves in positions thought only to be reserved for major acts with major budgets. So how, one may ask, does this happen?

"We don't stop. We have a great record, and are confident in our live show. After that, it all comes down to business. We don't try to play the most shows, we just try to play the right shows, and we never let an opportunity get away. Our resume has taken care of itself." singer Christian Schauf says.

The record, "From Where You Are" is their second release. In two years, it's sold well over 20,000 copies and counting. An astounding number for any band these days, let alone a handful of guys doing things completely independently. Catchpenny in Iraq

Produced in Catchpenny's home studio ( The do-it-yourself attitude again in full force) by Michael Bland (Prince, Soul Asylum, Dixie Chicks), the record also recieved a great deal of help from Phil Solem (The Rembrandts) and John Fields (Switchfoot, Jonas Brothers, Rooney, Jimmy Eat World). A third record is in the works, but with more opportunities every day, it is admittedly taking longer than the band would like.

After spending the better part of 2007 out on the Fresh Air Tour - a nation-wide collegiate tour sponsored by Pepsi and Nutrisoda - Catchpenny spent most of 2009 in Iraq, performing for our troops.

''The band was fantastic...both personally and musically. These are regular guys who make fantastic music together and clearly love what they are doing. The way they interact with the troops is pretty special...and it was clear at every show that no one wanted the night to end." LTC Rainey, Chief of Programs testifies.

Not to totally forget about home, the band continues to tour across the US when home and has also found their music used for TV shows and commercials by ESPN, Arizona Jeans, The University of Minnesota System, WCCO, KARE11, WGN-Chicago and appeared live on over 15 television and radio programs in major networks that include Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles.

The future looks bright for Catchpenny. With over 30 countries visiting each month, and crowds that are consistently growing stateside, there seems to be no slowing down this machine.


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