iraq TRIP 4 part 2.

We're one stop from home at this point, and apologize for the lack of pictures, but hopefully the tv show will make up for it in due time. Here are a few great shots from Michael Tucker from the past handful of shows. We sound like a broken record, but it's one amazing experience after another and we're honored to be able to do this.


Mark and Ben jamming at Ramadi

Getting the Marines into the show.

Aftershow autographs at Ramadi.

This dude knew every Tenacious D song.

First show ever at this little Joint Security Station.

This girl is from Menomonie, WI and the crew chief for the F-16 behind us! She's 21 years old. That's a LOT of responsibility.

Drawing up a play at our touch football game at Balad.

Jets fly over the 'field'.

After shooting a few rounds of the .50 Cal.

These guys were into it.

Recieving a certificate of appreciation.

Soldier stage dive!

Alec jumps!

Waiting for the choppers.

Loading up

Our escort for a few days, Katie.

Beautiful night, playing on the 'porch'