iraQ TRIP 5 part 1.

We're back. Believe it or not, things tend to look the same between one base and another. I"m trying very hard to show new images to everyone back home. As I write this, we're waiting for our flight to Iraq from Kuwait. We played a show last night, and then got up at 3am to make our flight. Well, things have been delayed, and now it's looking like we'll fly out at 8pm. It's been a long day of hurry up and wait, but that's just the way it goes sometimes.

We stayed downtown Kuwait City this time. This is a shot of a building across the street from our hotel. For all intents and purposes, it looks bombed out, though there were rooms wtih lights on, leading me to believe that someone probably lives here...


The troops playing basketball, me playing wiith a time-lapse effect on my camera.


This guy got up and jammed with us on one of the last songs of the night. It was very cool as most of the crowd was a group of Minnesotans heading home in the morning. Everyone was in a great mood and with no sandstorms during the show, it was a pretty night.


This is the C-17 we were supposed to fly into Baghdad. A broken valve set us back about 12 hours.


The pilot of the C-17 and a guitar our friend Valerie painted. The guitar will hang in Baghdad at the MNC-1's offices - but until then, it's getting a lot of attention from people we meet.


A C-130 preparing for take-off.

Chris checking out the cockpit of the C-17

The Minnesota crew.Congrats on heading home guys!

Scott and Chris outside the C-17.