notes from iraq

A few articles as well:


I would like to thank each and everyone of you for coming here to COB
Adder and playing for us. The Jam session was great and between that
and your concert last night you are the talk of the neighborhood.

I've been here since April and I have never seen such happiness and
enjoyment on the soldiers faces as what I saw Tuesday(11/18/08) and
Wednesday (11/19/08)night with you guys playing to all of us.

We all have angels and you guys were ours even for 2
lifted our spirits and gave us moments of joy in this depressing place
that we temporary call home...not to mention the reminder of our lives
and families back home...Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

It's because of the great loving Americans like you guys that give
meaning to what we are doing here...

Thank you and May God bless you like you bless others..



A good friend of mine saw your show last night in Iraq. It was one of the few times he has had good news to share with me. I think he really appreciated your being there, and letting the guys use your equipment to play some and sing with you... Anyway, I know they all said thanks, but I want to say thanks too. It's an incredibly brave and selfless thing to do.


I know this is totally off the wall - but my boyfriend, the love of my life, just called today and told me how he got to get up on stage and play the guitar with you guys. It was the most excited he has sounded...well since I last saw him. He loves playing guitar, and I'm so glad he got to show off his talents :)

So - are you guys going back any time soon? To their base?

Can we pretend I'm a very important part of your band so I can go too??

Well, it was worth a try, anyway.

But seriously?!

haha okay, well thanks for taking the time to go over there, they do appreciate it. There isn't much they can do over there, and I know music keeps them sane.

Thanks again,


Thank you guys for giving me the oppurtunity to rockout. You guys were fantastic and have done a great thing for us soldiers. I plan on going home this year and rejoining the band and i operate my own self label as well. I would like to do some shows with you one day, i hope you guys remember me(darren walling).
i have over twenty perspective videos of the show and my solos lol i thought you qued me lol, its cool, the guys loved it and we all will remember this forever and i certainly will not forget this. our myspace is so i would like to stay in touch and exchange some ideas. i dont do just metal so
if you guys want to, we can exchange some tunes. well, hit me back up, when you can. tomarrow ill send the show vids on this email and somepics,
                                                                                      your friend and soldier,


Just wanted to let y'all know how much I and my fellow soldiers appreciated your show out here at CP2. We had a great time.


I really enjoyed your performance the other night at VBC. Thanks for the CD and thanks again for coming out to see us. I look forward to seeing y'all again sometime either in Japan or on the East Coast. Will be looking forward enjoying the show in warmer temps and a cool beer!


Hey guys I really enjoyed your performance out here at JSS 1 thanks for coming way out here for us, we all appreciate it!


Hey its Eric from COP Cashe South. Hope the rest of your tour was great, or still is. I will keep that tank ready if you ever come back.


Thanks again for coming and doing the show at the palace - but dang if it was not cold! How many picks did you guys drop. lol


saw you guys in mamahdiyah iraq kicked ass thanks


thanks for comin to cashe south n lettin me play me gun on stage with u guys add me to ur list when u get a chance l8r


This is that lead guitar guy from iraq from yesterday, thanks for letting me play. you set my cd on flames yet? lol later guys



Hi guys... i am sgt xxxxxx' mother - he played guitar with you in iraq - he is in the 3rd picture from the bottom on your tour pic page.
Just wanted to thank you so very very much... im sure you made his day... He is self taught and has wanted to make music his career (perhaps one day he will).

thanks guys again xxxxxx